Outdoor play

Our Garden Features:

  • Muddy kitchen with sensory garden
  • Flower and vegetable beds
  • Natural wooden climbing apparatus
  • Fairy garden
  • An area for our famous campfires, where we have so much fun helping to chop wood and make our own fire lighters, and best of all toasting muffins and marshmallows and singing our favourite campfire songs.

We recognise the importance of outdoor play and aim to provide opportunities for free flow between indoor and outdoor play as much as we can.  Our unique outside play area provides a fantastic learning environment. Children are free to explore and follow their own interests with staff on hand to extend learning opportunities.

They enjoy building dens, going bug hunting and playing in the muddy kitchen. Children enjoy using the wooden climbing apparatus. we like to watch the ducks on Abbingworth pond. The children enjoy planting a variety of flowers and vegetables in our raised flower beds.

We also enjoy camp fires where children help to chop wood and toast muffins and marshmallows on the fire and sing traditional camp fire songs. It is a wonderful opportunity to use all of our senses to experience the effects of a fire in a safe environment where the children are involved in their own risk assessment, helping to draw up ‘camp fire safety rules.

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